Client: St William
Status: Planning consented April 2018

Strategic development in wider regeneration plan
Clarendon Gas Works proposes the regeneration of a brownfield site into a thriving and diverse neighbourhood, forming a key element in the wider Wood Green masterplan.

A masterplan to engender community cohesion
Through the creation of a network of L-shaped buildings which frame an extensive series of public and private communal spaces, we have sought to create a masterplan that engenders a tangible sense of community for new and existing residents alike.

The scheme fundamentally rethinks the site from an earlier consent in 2012 - increases employment floorspace ten-fold, more than doubles the number of affordable homes, almost trebles dual aspect percentage and radically improves the quality of public and private communal spaces.

Three aims drive the vision:
Connecting Place and Heritage
Social Life and Belonging
People and Nature

Extensive consultation garnered support to maximise site’s potential
The planning application was submitted following fortnightly pre-application workshops with Haringey council over an eighteen month period and regular meetings with key stakeholders such as the Parkside Malvern Residents Association.

An employment-led regeneration site
The proposed scheme comprises over twenty buildings ranging from 2 to 19 storeys, providing over 7500m2 of creative employment spaces, 1700 homes, plus restaurants, retail units, a nursery, a gym, and two energy centres.

"St William selected Panter Hudspith’s proposal for Clarendon Gasworks in an invited design competition, because it embodies our landscape-led design ethos: ‘first life, then spaces, then buildings'. A network of intimate courtyard gardens laid out across the site for the enjoyment of the residents and the surrounding community alike, will allow us to create a more sociable and sustainable environment, in tune with what London needs and what Londoners want. We are hugely pleased with the resulting planning permission and proud to be playing a key role in the regeneration of Wood Green."
Charlie Howard, Head of Design, St William

"This scheme should be a significant addition to the richness and variety of spaces, streets, squares and parks of Wood Green, contributing to stitching the area together, transforming an area that is currently alienating and hostile to pedestrians into an area beginning to be welcoming, safe, friendly and intriguing. It should help to extend and enliven the town centre, form a marker and exemplar of quality for other developments in the area, link Wood Green better to the railway line and the neighbourhoods and parks to its west, particularly Alexandra Palace and its wonderful, huge park, and contribute to bridging the gap between the east and west of The Borough."
Richard Truscott, Urban Design Officer, London Borough of Haringey

The project has been shortlisted in the Housing Design Awards 2018. Winners to be announced at the London ceremony in July.

Cityscape Digital
clarendon gas works, wood green, london
residential - mixed-use - masterplanning
masterplan increases employment area ten-fold and maximises quality of public realm
overview of site with Wood Green and Alexandra Palace in context
visual - entry courts along Mary Neuner Road create a sequence of public pocket parks
visual - modest height buildings and extensive cycle storage along eastern boundary
visual - view of central private communal garden in heart of Eastern Quarter
visual - view east in community gardens towards the proposed nursery
visual - view of courtyard in Northern Quarter surrounded by creative workspaces
visual - east-west pedestrian-friendly route opened up through the site towards west