Client: London Borough of Newham
Status: Completed 2017
Budget: £2.7 million

The Newham Housing development was won through a competitive tender process in which three architects were selected by London Borough of Newham, to join a framework agreement.

The framework is a pilot project to design 100 affordable homes, which will in future be rolled out on other sites which are identified by the council for development.

Our designs were for 26 houses across four sites, and are based on a housing typology for a three-bedroom, six-person home, on two storeys.

The houses are rectangular in plan to ensure construction cost-effectiveness and room layouts are designed to be flexible and can be ‘flipped’ to respond to a site’s orientation.

The houses are designed to meet Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 and are future-proofed to allow potential upgrade to Levels 5 or 6.

Panter Hudspith Architects

AJ Online - Bell Phillips Newham Housing: one concept fits all
newham housing, infill sites, london
new housing infills form characterful yet modest interventions in residential areas
visual - homes are designed as template that can exploit redundant infill sites
visual - homes efficiently provide maximum flexible accommodation for the budget
brickwork and masonry window surrounds provide an attractive suite of durable materials
robust materials and careful detailing ensure homes will function well for long term
residents are making their homes unique
the former garage and infill sites prior to their redevelopment
new houses form clusters of development, capable of being knitted into diverse contexts