Client: Hollybrook Homes
Status: Planning consented 2016

Panter Hudspith Architects were appointed in May 2015 by Hollybrook Homes to design a scheme to regenerate Odessa Street, Rotherithe. 

The proposed redevelopment provides more than 70 private and affordable residential homes and benefits from a unique plan configuration that enables almost all of the homes to have river views. The stepped massing was crafted over many months of careful daylight / sunlight analysis and workshops with London Borough of Southwark planners.

The site offers spectacular and unique views north and south along the waterfront and the proposed regeneration will enable the provision of one of the final missing sections of River Thames walkway on the Southwark riverfront. This is combined with a new high quality area of public realm and a new cafe/restaurant that realises the scheme aim to take full advantage of the riverfront setting.
odessa street, rotherhithe, london
visual - view from Canary Wharf, building mediates height variation of neighbours
splayed plan configuration affords maximum percentage of homes to have river views
visual - one of the final pieces of the Southwark riverside walkway is opened up
visual - cafe provides activity onto riverside walkway with great views of Thames
visual - lower building onto Odessa Street retains scale of townscape
visual - the building massing steps down to align with the immediate context
visual - the building is orientated to form a vista along odessa street
a dilapidated crane, redundant youth club and disused nightclub formed the site
unique plan form provides over 80% of homes in both buildings with river views