southwark bridge underpass

Location: London
Client: Groundwork Southwark (The Southwark Environmental Trust)
Status: Completed 1997
Budget: £135,000

“The project wasn’t about creating a piece of 'high art', it was about providing information. I think the most successful public art projects are about relevance, and holding some sense of meaning to their place. So many artworks are completely token, and therefore create no impact or interaction”.
Simon Hudspith

Improving the built environment
This project was commissioned by Groundwork Southwark (The Southwark Environmental Trust) to regenerate and improve the natural and built environment of the Southbank area. It was part-funded by Southwark Council and from donations made by The Financial Times and Sainsbury’s. The improvement to the Thames Riverside Path was achieved through the combination with new paving, lighting and the installment of five Westmoreland green slate panels positioned along one side of the vaulted brick pedestrian underpass.

Collaborating with artists
Working alongside artist Richard Kindersley, engravings of an historic map of Southwark showing the Frost Fairs that took place on the River Thames between 1564 and 1814, these panels provide an engaging and informative piece of artwork bringing to life the history of the area.
robust discrete lighting create a dramatic space at night
intricately detailed slate depicts history of historic frozen thames festivals