university of buckingham - medical school

Location: Buckingham
Client: University of Buckingham
Status: Planning

The brief is to provide a new Medical School building for the University of Buckingham on a site to the north of the existing campus, on land previously used for a factory.
Integral to the brief was to consider the proposal as part of the larger campus; giving a strong identity to the school, and integrating the proposal within the campus by providing accessible pedestrian routes and a new footbridge over the Great Ouse. The proposal forms a key part of the development of the campus masterplan, with additional teaching and residential accommodation to be provided on the site in later phases.

The Medical School building is to provide high quality teaching spaces for students in the first 2 years of the medical course. This is to include a range of spaces including administrative / academic offices, lecture and seminar spaces along with practical teaching spaces that will be used for simulation of clinical environments. The brief required careful consideration of circulation areas that could be used for a range of informal purposes including group working and meeting spaces.

Glass Canvas
illustrative site plan
proposed footbridge will link the existing campus buildings and the Medical school
the former factory building on the site now proposed for the new medical centre
site plan showing the proposed Medical school and new grass quad