approach to residential design

We have proven successful residential design experience working for both the private and public sector. Our approach to designing housing is always the same – no matter what the scale – to think about the journey to the front door, about identity, habitability and longevity. What are the things that will enable the space to support the lifestyle requirements of its occupants?

We always seek to design places of character – where even in a large development, residents can proudly refer to ‘my home’ and identify their balcony, window, or front door. We look to ensure where possible that homes exceed plan minimum criteria to ensure long term flexibility.

It is important in multi-residential design that common areas create a sense of belonging, with attractive and easily maintained circulation and external spaces. This includes minimising corridor lengths to encourage neighbourly interaction. Also essential in larger blocks is storage, as garden sheds or lofts of more traditional houses won’t be available – so we always aim to provide decent storage provision.

As well as ensuring that residential standards are met or exceeded, we also look to ensure our layouts encourage habitation, with built in niches for books and recesses for furniture – these are the details which can enrich daily life.