collaborative working

Collaboration is a key component of every project. Team work is important not only within our own internal project team, but with our wider consultant group – which often includes collaborations with other architects.

Three examples shown here all involved collaboration with one or more other architect to make these projects a realisation.

Our plot on the Athletes Village was unique as the city block was split in half, with ourselves and Glenn Howells Architects both appointed as principle architects on one site. This demanded extensive daily collaboration between the two teams.

At Oxford Westgate we were one of four block architects (including Dixon Jones, Allies & Morrison, and Glenn Howells Architects) working under a lead masterplanner (BDP). Workshops over a two-year period drove the design forward with immensely frank, mutually-trusting and co-operative debate and thought-provoking collaborative discussion, to deliver this unique £440 million development in the historic city.

Our current Spray Street project is also a collaboration with Glenn Howells Architects, which is seeking to redevelop a 2.28-hectare site in Woolwich into an extensive mixed use scheme.