consultation and engagement

Communication is essential to what we do as architects; we are thinkers, designers and decision makers – but first and foremost we listen.

We feel consultation is crucial in maintaining momentum and support for any project and is a fundamental part of the design process.

Consultation is not a static event but a cyclical activity which we ensure is fully integrated into the work stages so that all groups can get the most out of the process – our clients, ourselves and our wider consultant team as well as the local community and interest groups we consult with.

We strive to develop and maintain close working relationships with all stakeholders whether we are working on small one-off cultural buildings or large-scale masterplans.

We will tailor the way we present our proposals to different audiences and ensure they are appropriate to the stage of the project, this will include physical models, walking tours, sketches, drawings, 3d visuals and photographic presentations.

We believe that communities play an important role in the delivery of outstanding projects and that listening to and incorporating their ideas ensures these projects become a sustainable and active part of the future of a place.