We have some simple overriding sustainability principles which we endeavour to pursue on all projects where applicable and they include some of the following:

Tried and tested methods
– are promoted such as super enhanced insulation and working with the site ecology - a fabric first approach.

Minimising overheating
– by avoiding excessively glazed facades and single aspect layouts for residential. Exploit thermal mass and stack effect.

Ensuring longevity
– with quality materials that are properly detailed – this has proven to be the best route to good value as well as ensuring solutions are low-maintenance.

Embodied energy
– and recyclability influences our choice of national, local and renewable materials.

Green Roofs
– combined with rainwater harvesting to minimise run-off and improve the ecological value of a site. We also encourage biodiversity by promoting planting – even where only small areas are possible.

Working with end-user clients
– means that there is an uninhibited interest in whole life cost assessments.

Sustainable Transport
– promoting cycling and walking throughout our projects and ensuring the infrastructure is in place for them from the outset.