ashford picturehouse
Delivering a boutique cinema within a new retail development.
centenary square, bradford
Opposite City Hall in Bradford this development defines a vital piece of public realm.
westgate, oxford
"We believe we have created a truly game-changing shopping and leisure experience for everyone."
The Crown Estate
crouch end picturehouse, london
"There is nothing forced about this conversion. Refurbishment, it proves, can yield more characterful spaces than new build."
Hugh Pearman, RIBA Journal
picturehouse central, soho, london
"Panter Hudspith knows how to breath new life into an old cinema…Picturehouse Central...has the new wow."
Blueprint Magazine, Sept 15
east dulwich picturehouse & cafe, london
“Well constructed and well detailed, conducive to a quality sense of place."
Civic Trust Awards 2016
ebor hall, coney street, york
“...new can exist cheek-by-jowl with medieval or Victorian, and so much the better for the juxtaposition.”
Building Design, March 2000
thames rowing club, putney, london
Revitalised boathouse with expansive views, refurbished crew rooms and newly built apartments.
west norwood library & picturehouse
"The sort of building that we get very excited about - modernising and reinventing a place that sits at the heart of its community."
Lyn Goleby, Founder - Picturehouse Cinemas
city screen, riverside
The redevelopment and extension of former print works revitalises York riverside with a leisure destination.
pitcher & piano
“The success of the building is a testament to the quality of its design and to the effectiveness of the urban design strategy.”
Civic Trust Awards 1998